Terms of Engagement

Cost estimate and Scope of Work

  • The cost estimate / quote provided will be mutually reviewed, discussed, and agreed upon to set out the expected scope of work. Within the estimate's total hours there is flexibility in terms of the allocation of hours spent per project/task. 
  • Often, as research evolves, the scope of work changes. Any such changes will generally be communicated / confirmed by the client (you) and documented by the service provider (Jeff Crukley) on an addendum to the estimate as a scope change note
  • If the scope change is significant enough to add or subtract cost, a new estimate will be provided, in addition to or replacing the former estimate and setting forth the newly agreed scope of work.

Expectations and commitments

  • The client will commit to communicating their up-to-date research questions, theory-based expectations, and hypotheses 
  • The client bears the responsibility of being knowledgeable about and complying with their institution's research ethics requirements for data sharing and security.
  • If manuscript writing (typically limited to relevant sections of the methods and results/findings) is included, the service provider (Jeff Crukley) will be included as an author of the manuscript.
  • Authorship ethics guidelines will be adhered to, including providing the opportunity for review and approval of the manuscript before submission
  • The service provider will provide a detailed initial, revised, and final analysis report including rationales for analyses chosen and appropriate academic citations.
  • Generally a meeting will occur following provision of reports to address questions.
  • The client will commit to reviewing reports in detail prior to meetings, to ensure good use of time.
  • The service provider will adhere to (within reason) an agreed upon timeline.
  • Significant adjustments to the timeline will be communicated.
  • The client will review and respond to emails and reports in a timely fashion in order to maintain momentum.
  • These terms of engagement shall remain in force until study completion.